Carbon emission is a natural phenomenon. It has always happened and will continue to happen, with or without humankind. However, in the last 100 years the carbon level has risen at an alarming pace, suggesting that man is responsible for this sudden steep rise. Scientific evidence indicates that if manmade carbon emission continues to rise, climate change will make many already inhabited areas around the globe un-inhabitable, accompanied by natural disasters of unprecedented scale, looming migration of millions of refugees and the risk of wars on water. In consequences most countries have agreed at COP21in Paris to reduce their carbon emissions to a sustainable level. This level is known as “Carbon Neutral”. Some analysts call this equilibrium “Footprint ONE”; others request that we become a “2000Watt Society”.

The 2000-Watt Smart Cities Mission stands for sustainable future living. As we know, in today's era living a comfortable and healthy life is a task due to various environmental and artificial challenges. Local regulatory, as well as government agencies, intends to address these challenges to deliver the quality of life to the citizens.

2000-Watt society is an energy and climate policy concept that addresses two societal challenges i.e the scarcity of sustainably available energetic resources and climate change. It translates the national energy and climate targets to the municipal level and provides a standardized, municipal accounting framework. It offers a definition of “net zero” for cities and municipalities. It is about a methodical standardization of the quantitative approach to the various energy and climate policy objectives. At the same time, an awareness of the congruence and convergence of all these objectives which should be achieved to generate strength in implementation and maximum effect through the common definition of objectives.


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